Here's what you'll get:

  • Calculation of how many calories you should eat

    • In order to achieve your goal at a desired time
    • Making sure the transition is healthy and sustainable
  • Suggested portions of protein, fat, carbs and vegetables

    •  Ensuring that you get enough necessary macro and macro-nutrients
  • List of healthy foods to pick from

    •  Based on your eating preferences
  • Portion tracking sheet

    • No macros tracking apps, no scale. Just simple hand portion measurements, calculated for you
  • Tips for adjustments

    • Few tips what do to maximize your results
  • Few sample recipes

    • Suggestions of few healthy meals based on your macro calculations - so it's easier for you to start right away
  • Tips on how to make your transformation a sucess

    • How to approach your transformation, how to start and set yourself up for a success, rather than a failure

How does it work?

  • What are your specific preferences?

    • What types of food you like to eat?
    • How many meals a day?