Everything you needed to know about nutrition, dieting, and building new habits.

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  • Figure out what you may be doing wrong

    And surprisingly, it might not be the food you eat or the way you move and excercise.

  • Finally get why diets don't work. And learn what will work instead

    Focusing on a concept of "Deep Health" will do the magic. 

  • Understand nutrition

    Learn the basics. What are calories. What happens in your body once you eat theat sandwich.  

  • Know exactly how much food you need to eat to reach your goal

    And the best thing? No calorie tracking or food measurements. I will teach you something better. 

  • Learn how to make better food choices

    There are no good or bad foods. There are foods that are healthier and should be consumed more often. And foods that are less healthy, and should be consumed in moderation. I will help you understand the spectrum. 

  • Get motivated and design your first action steps

    The best way to get motivated to take an action....is by taking an action. I will help you firgure out your first steps.

    About Jana Masri, the author: 

    • Get the body you always wanted

      Because you deserve it and it is achievable!

    • Gain all the confidence you ever dreamt of

      So you can go and do great things in life!

    • Get out of that crazy jojo dieting loop

      Because there's someting better that works!

    • Get better relationship with food

      Live to enjoy food and get rid of that restrictive all-or-nothing approach. 

    • Get more energy to do great things in life

      It's not about the number on your scale. It's about how you feel and function, both mentally and physically. 

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