My Story:

Look, I have never been obese or overweight, but despite that, I know exactly what you are going through right now.


And I know how to help you get out of whatever you are going through right now. 


Let me explain. 


I know how it feels to be lost.




Not knowing what to do. 


Feeling like you have taken one step ahead and two steps back. 

Doubting yourself. Being unable to take action.

Incapable of being consistent.

Having an unhealthy relationship with food. 


I've been there, done that. And luckily, I managed to figure out a way to get out of that dark place. And I developed a system to help others to do the same.  So here's my story. 

Originally, my dream was to become a psychotherapist. But after I graduated from psychology, I jumped into a "temporary" job in Human Resources. And stayed for over 10 years. In different roles, in different countries, working for 2 international companies. 


And those 10 years were crazy. Endless hours of overtime, business travel, constant stress, juggling multiple priorities. And also, sadly, I never really felt like all the work I do actually matters, and the effort I put in makes any difference. 


And all while trying to "somehow" manage my personal life, finish masters in Human Resources,  maintain relationships with friends and family, and have my mental and physical health under control. 

As you can guess, it didn't always go well. I struggled with self-confidence, self-love. I didn't see a purpose in life. I had anxiety issues, suffered from depression (and been on anti-depressives for years), had unhealthy relationship with food. I was incapable of being in a stable, healthy relationship. 


I had periods when I was overly obsessed with food and working out, as I felt like it was the only thing I could really have control over in my life. I counted every calorie I ate, I pushed my body to extremes when it comes to exercise. And now I know it was not healthy, but I didn't see it back then. 


Luckily, I came across life coaching in 2016 and I finally found something that made sense. And that magically worked to resolve my issues (well identify what the issues were in a first place).  And back then I knew that this was something I wanted to do once I quit my corporate HR job. 


Even though I dreaded working in HR, I didn't have the courage to leave the comfort of having a stable paycheck every month. But the universe did it for me and my HR job was cancelled for restructuring reasons in 2019. 


And I decided to do a brave jump and pursue becoming a full-time entrepreneur and life coach.


In 2020, I got certified as a behavioral nutritionist, so I can combine my passion for nutrition with life coaching. 


Working as an entrepreneur and building an online coaching business (and not being employed) is not easy. And will probably never be. But I love it.


Because I love helping people.


And because I finally feel like I have found a purpose in life. 

All I went through (and all I am going through right now) helped me to figure out a pretty effective strategy for how to move forward in life. Even when things get tough. 


Here's my secret:

  • Have a purpose, know your why
  • Make sure your goal is healthy and comes from your heart
  • Build more awareness about what's going on
  • See how things in your life are interconnected
  • Pick the most important priority
  • Break it down into actionable milestones and steps
  • Do a small action every single day
  • Be kind to yourself and focus on the good stuff
  • Go back and reflect
  • Repeat:)

This applies to building new habits, starting a business, working on your relationship, trying to be more organized, progressing in your career, building new skills...


And yes, especially in situations when you want to lose weight and get healthier.  


This is not about the food on your plate or what workouts you do in the gym. It goes much deeper than that. Especially if you are the case that failed "being on a diet" millions of times. And if you are losing confidence that this will ever work. We need to work with your "whole self", not just with your stomach and muscles. 


And I know how to do that. I am a certified, qualified, and licensed life coach and behavioral nutritionist. And I am confident that I can help you resolve your issues.  I have worked with many people who were once in the same dark place you are right now. And I helped them to change the way they feel, think and behave. 


I am grateful that I can work with awesome people like you.  And use my method to actively help them achieve what they dream of. 


Health, happiness, confidence, self-love, a healthy relationship with food. Deeper inner motivation. Desire and courage to do great things in life. 


I love getting people to the next level in their lives. The "next level" which opens up once you finally lose those extra kilos and gain the confidence you ever wanted. 


Maybe it's getting pregnant. Or starting your own business. Or finding the love of your life. Or going for a hike with your kids. Or just simply have more energy to spend more active time with your family.


Whatever your "next level" is - I will make sure you get there!

My Qualifications:


Certified Life Coach by International Coaching Federation

PN Level 1

Certified Behavioral Nutritionist by Precision Nutrition

Licensed by DED

Licensed by the UAE Department of Economic Development

Certified Life Coach

By Koucink Centrum, Prague

Czech Republic

MBIT Coach

Multiple Brain Integration Coach, by MBIT International

HR Management

Masaryk University,


Czech Republic

Bc Psychology

Masaryk University,


Czech Republic

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