I was tall, skinny and insecure.

I started my fitness journey 20 years ago, when I was 14. I went to a basic old gym because I wanted to fix my posture. I was tall, skinny and had no self-confidence. And, of course -  I had no idea what I was gonna do. 


At that time, there was no coaching or personal training on a professional level  available (and even if there was, I wouldn't be able to afford it).


So I went the hard way. Trying all kinds of workouts by myself, without any guidance and knowledge. Doing research, studying, applying different methods, doing basically a trial and error type of approach.


It took me literally years before I started to see some significant results. 

I figured out an effective way to build muscle mass & get stronger.

Finally, after all those years, I understood the fundamentals of building muscle mass. I fell in love with bodybuilding. I got obsessed with getting bigger. At one phase, I took it to a bit extreme and even got a belly from all that dirty bulking, so I needed to figure out how to shred and get back in shape again.


In 2014, my body was perfect. I was big, muscular, and lean. I couldn't have been happier with the results of my 15 years of hard work in the gym. Unfortunately, I got into a tragic car accident...  

The accident that took me back to square zero. 

We got smashed by a car on a crossroad. I was bed ridden for 5 months, and spend another year on crutches learning how to walk again. The accident left me with a permanent damage on my right leg and shoulder. So I had to start my bodybuilding journey all over again. 


On a lighter note, all the physiotherapy and rehabilitation I had to go through thought me a lot about mechanics of human anatomy. Now I understand the connection between muscles, joints, nerves and brain, and I apply this knowledge in my work with clients. 

I spent 20 years in gym to look this way. You don't have to. 

My workout programs will bring you results faster. 

What makes my programs unique is the structure of gradual progressive overload and the change of the training style each month.


You don't have to worry about doing the same stuff over and over again. My programs bring diversity and each month is completely different. 


Your muscles won't have a chance to adapt and this will ensure constant gradual progression. No more stagnation and plateau. No more time and energy wasted for no results. 

I'm giving you value worth thousands of dollars.